Hello. I’m
Slade Ham

Hailing from Houston, Slade Ham has performed in 58 countries on six continents. His new full-length theater special, Signal/Noise, comes out January 2024. Ham has headlined Sirius/XM’s Best of Texas as well as the feature length The Whiskey Brothers Comedy Special. His latest special looks at what is and isn’t important in our lives, and it showcases his signature storytelling style alongside clever social commentary.

Offstage, you can read Until All the Dragons Are Dead, his collection of critically-acclaimed stories. Ham also hosts the weekly Slade Ham Experiment, the wildly popular bi-weekly Whiskey Brothers Podcast, and is featured in over 30 episodes of Slade Runner, a travel series following his adventures around the globe. His live show is what does best, however. It’s stand-up all the way down.


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The recording of the Signal/Noise Special is on Aug. 19th at Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston. Click below to get your tickets now.

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