People say that teachers should be armed. I’ll grant that that’s one possible course of action.

Here’s some perspective though. My mother taught school for thirty years, give or take. I cannot fathom a real-world scenario where she takes down a determined shooter with a gun of her own. Not one. My mom called me once to ask if she should hack or stab with my brother’s ninja sword because she thought someone was breaking in.  That’s who teaches our children.  Maybe if she used the same belt she used on me, in which case they could identify the shooter’s body by the buckle shaped bruise on his forehead, but a gun?

An educator should never have to be cross-trained to neutralize a target like that, especially when the shooter is another student. We don’t pay teachers enough already.  Do a quick thought exercise for me. Picture your own middle-school teachers. Not the coach. Not the one badass guy everyone was afraid of. We’ll come back to him in a minute.

I mean Ms. Brunette. Ms. Ferguson. That rickety old woman who taught you to draw apples.  The one who droned on about economics.  The one who jumped visibly when the fire alarm went off.  Pick yours.  That woman in her sixties, but with a whole week’s worth of firearm training, now having to rush to her desk drawer, work out the combination on the safe, identify the threat, and aim that shaking weapon at a roomful of children and then try to fire accurately.

Now back to your badass teaching Health down the hall. He hears the gunfire, grabs his own weapon, heads toward the commotion, and now has to assess the situation and figure out who to shoot. The kid with the gun? The teacher with the gun? Did he snap? Did she?  Now there are three guns, a lot of children, and utter chaos.

So yes, that’s one possible course of action.

Or, we can just make it incredibly difficult to ever get that assault rifle in the first place.

How do even suggest that as a possible solution? You’re parroting someone else’s propaganda. It’s insane.  It’s not a cogent thought. A lucid person cannot possibly entertain this.




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