I Am Battle Comic

I was fortunate enough to be asked along on the tour that is the focus in I Am Battle Comic. I could never have imagined how cool the experience would actually be.  I could fill your ears with my own opinions of the film, but here are some words from strangers (including Judd Apatow), which seems much more trustworthy.

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“Entertaining and inspiring… Supporting the troops was never so much fun”
– Michael Dunaway, Paste Magazine

“Amazingly deep feelings along with the laughs, both from the comedians performing and the audiences as well. Brady does a masterful job of capturing the emotions on both halves of the performance equation, as well as compiling an engaging and inventive film.”
– Marc Hershon, HuffPost

“A moving documentary about a morale-lifting, stand-up tour that’ll make you laugh while bringing a tear to your eye in appreciation of our soldiers’ selfless sacrifices.”
– Kam Williams, Baret News Syndicate

“I Am Battle Comic, is, at once, funny and inspirational”
– Movie City News

“An excellent heartfelt film that pays tribute to our troops…and the comedians who travel the world to make them laugh.”
– Judd Apatow

“This documentary is full of laughs, but it’s unique insight into the lives of our troops, far from home, searching for normalcy amidst the chaos of war, that got me.”
– Peter Berg, Director, ‘Lone Survivor’



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