Make a Comedy Special With Me!

The Kickstarter for my new comedy special is officially live!

Join My Kickstarter Here!

A little about me if you’re arriving as a stranger: I’ve been doing stand up comedy for 23 years. I’m a curious kid from Southeast Texas who probably wasn’t supposed to leave, yet I’ve inexplicably performed in 58 countries on six continents (a lot of that for the US military positioned overseas). In those years I’ve released a few albums, written a book, directed specials for other comics, made a few films, and now I am shooting my own special! It’s long overdue.

I think the rewards are cool, both digital and physical. I wanted to give you a chance to join me in the process of making something. There are a lot of ways to fund something, but working directly with fans is the best. Plus, when we do it that way there’s no delay in the release, no producer telling me what I can’t do, and the rights remain mine through the whole process. Those things are more important than they might sound.

More than anything, it’s the best stuff I’ve ever written. I’m eager to get it out there. I’m touring all summer to work out the show, then I’m coming back to Houston to shoot in early Fall.

I think you’ll like what I’m working on (and if you don’t you can always go scream at me on Twitter). Please consider diving in and getting behind the scenes on my new special.