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Slade Ham

Hailing from Houston, Slade Ham has performed in 60 countries on six continents. His new full-length theater special, Signal/Noise, is out now. Ham has headlined Sirius/XM’s Best of Texas as well as the feature length The Whiskey Brothers Comedy Special. His latest special looks at what is and isn’t important in our lives, and it showcases his signature storytelling style alongside clever social commentary.

Offstage, you can read Until All the Dragons Are Dead, his collection of critically acclaimed stories. Ham also hosts the weekly Slade Ham Experiment, the wildly popular bi-weekly Whiskey Brothers Podcast, and is featured in over 30 episodes of Slade Runner, a travel series following his adventures around the globe. His live show is what does best, however. It’s stand-up all the way down.

Thoughts and Blogs

Make a Comedy Special With Me!

The Kickstarter for my new comedy special is officially live! Join My Kickstarter Here! A little about me if you're arriving as a stranger: I've been doing stand up comedy for 23 years. I'm a curious kid from Southeast Texas who probably wasn't supposed to leave, yet I've inexplicably performed in 58 countries on six continents (a lot of that for the US military positioned overseas). In those years I've released a few albums, written a book, directed specials for other comics, made a few...

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Group Therapy

Comedians are solo artists by nature. Us and our microphones, taking the lumps and the victories and putting them in our front passenger seats when we leave the show. I’m used to doing the whole thing, no matter the thing. Corporations have departments to handle different aspects of a product. I, on the other hand, conceptualize, sketch, build, edit, ship, and field all the customer service emails myself. My kind of process allows for a specific kind of result. I can do anything I want to, but...

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The Whole Story

Stories are just what happened over a period of time. The characters and what happens determine whether the story is a good one or not, but any stretch you choose to look at contains a story. We often forget that while we might not be writing all the parts, we oversee the edit.   Where you choose to begin and end a story is vital. Movies would be terrible experiences if we left after the second act. Usually there’s a lot of bad stuff that happens around the end of Act Two. All is lost! Lots of...

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Have You Been to Disneyland?

One of the hardest questions to answer, artistically at least, is when to listen to other people and when to trust your gut. There’s no shortage of advice. People are more than happy to share what they think you should do, and where you missed, and how you could have done better. And woe be the day that a few of these people tell you the same thing! It’s much easier than you think to start believing it. I assure you, these people rarely know anything that applies.  They want to participate in...

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How I Learn

We’re tiptoeing into Christmas, and while I might be spending it in muggy Houston this year, my previous few months have seen winter weather aplenty. I spoke a few weeks ago about how I missed seeing the Northern Lights while I was visiting Norway, but I’d like to show you a bit more of the country, as well as attempt to explain why I enjoy traveling so much.Though I am an admitted college dropout, I remain an avid learner.  It took me until much later in life to realize that it wasn’t...

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