We Need You

Listen, the world needs whatever it is your working on.

That book you’re writing deserves to be read.

The painting you’re putting off belongs on someone’s wall.

We’re ready for your business to open its doors.

Your coffee shop.

Your bakery.

Your Japanese/Cajun tapas spot.

We need your app.

Your non-profit.

Your podcast.

Your bar where every seat is a swing set.

Those ideas in your head aren’t dumb, even if you’re the only one that understands that right now.

So out with it!

Your fleet of disco charter boats.

Your law school for dogs.

Your vegan pet store.

We need them to happen so you can get over your fear. Ideas are like children (I’ve never had them, but I have been one). The first one is fragile and protected, sometimes to the point of suffocation.

Your fourth kid could probably crawl out through the doggy door while you read this though, and how many hours would it be before you even noticed?

Not the best example, I admit.

But we need you in the fray.

With your activism.

With your energy.

With your commitment to a men’s-only line of ponytail holders.

Moving. Shaking. Disrupting the status quo.

Symphonies for the deaf.

Emergency parachutes for birds that get heat stroke while flying.

Socks for snakes.

The quicker you get it out, the quicker you can start on the next thing.

Because your ideas only get better the more of them you execute.

Because you don’t just have to start. We can all do that.

No, you actually have to finish.

I may be over here building my own thing, but I promise I’m cheering you on!

Like I said, we need you.

Now get to it!



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