Measuring Sticks

In the world of the independent artist, there aren’t obvious measuring sticks by which to judge our progress. It’s why we often compare ourselves to our friends and peers.

My special has gotten 30,000 views this month. Is that extraordinary? Just ordinary? A miserable failure? How would I even know?

There are only a few ways. You can Google averages and metrics, but national averages are hardly useful. You can also look at what similar artists are getting, but that is also deceptive in a world of paid ads, bots, and flash mobs.

Or you can ask yourself if what you made is accomplishing what you made it for. Rather than spend time measuring our art against other art, we can measure it against what we want out of it.

My special has gotten 30,000 views this month. That’s 30K people watching not just part of my special, but MOST of it. The retention rate is exceptional.

In just a month I have gotten messages and invitations from people and places otherwise unreachable. I’ve already booked several gigs based on the film.

And most importantly, I get to smile daily at its existence. It feels good to get something out of your head and into the world exactly the way you want it.

And THAT feeling? That is a damn good measuring stick.